Project Description

GreenParking is operating Murjan car park at JBR

GreenParking has recently become part of car park reorganization at JBR The Walk. We are very proud to provide comprehensive car park management and maintenance services at Murjan car park. This parking location have been completely upgraded by us for easier navigation and access.

GreenParking has provided Murjan with visitors parking management system equipment that includes high-speed barriers, entry stations and a cashier booth. The paid parking is operated based on the GreenParking’s smart and sustainable ParkChip technology. GreenParking also invested in supply of directional signage for easier guidance inside the car park.

Our operators are available on site 24/7 ensuring smooth car park management and providing adequate customer service.

In addition, GreenParking offers pick-up and drop-off valet services as part of the value-added package.

All components are working towards pleasant parking experience of the visitors. Now one can be sure he can find a parking space available.