Facility Access Control 2017-11-13T13:20:21+01:00

Facility Access ControlFuturLink access control

allows you to regulate access to facilities and parking areas. Access is only allowed to authorised persons or vehicles.

The FutureLink Access Control System allows selective restriction of access to facilities or other resources as well as keeping a record of all movements thus enhancing both security and oversight.

All our systems are of course designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity and dusty conditions.

Key elements of our Access Control System are:

Our software allows simple adjustment of all system parameters, displays movement of users in real time, checks the stats of all systems and produces a log of all events as well as creating operator defined reports.

Our system hardware is the ‘front line’ of the system. It consists of high quality tamperproof door locks, parking barriers and garage gates as well as turnstiles.

Our contactless proximity readers can read ID cards or tags at a distance making access for authorised personnel quick and convenient.

Fingerprint readers can scan fingerprint, compare them with stored images and verify the results.

Long Range Readers can identify vehicles at up to 10 meters with vehicle speeds of up to 200Km/h.

Further details can be supplied on request.