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LED Lights

Dark car parks at night can feel unpleasant and hazardous particularly if you are alone! Can you find your vehicle, do you feel safe? Effective lighting is vital for the operation of a well-run car park.

Illumination using conventional means, such as florescent tubes is wasteful, environmentally unfriendly and can provide a disagreeable light!

The solution to these problems can be provided by FutureLink’s modern LED illumination systems.

Using LED technology alone can cut your company costs by 50% but by combining LED lighting with FutureLink’s LED technology savings of up to 85% can be made!

Integrating LED technology with the Parking Guidance System and coordinating this with real-time car park occupancy and pedestrian movements can lead to great improvements in electricity usage thus saving your company money!

  • Return on investment in less than three years
  • High levels of uniform illumination lead to increased customer satisfaction
  • Intelligent illumination control
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs due to low power consumption, and long-lasting reliable equipment
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