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Most car parks require entry barriers, ticketing machines and exit barriers. What can be done when such equipment is not installed or is not desirable?

To answer this question we have developed MobiPark, our state-of-the-art mobile automated parking system. A simple and rapid solution for all your parking needs!

The MobiPark system consists of a hand-held mobile terminal and a portable ticket/receipt printer and can be customized for normal car park management as well as valet parking operations.

Using the integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition System the MobiPark operator can issue a bar-coded ticket that automatically records both entry and exit times and also has the added security option of photographing the vehicle on entry and exit.

MobiPark enables valet parking systems to issue the customer with a barcode ticket when their car is passed to a valet driver. When the car is picked up the barcode on the ticket is scanned and the retrieval process is initiated immediately.

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Each operator has their own individual username and password so that each transaction can be traced to an individual operator. This allows the system to guarantee revenue control and provide detailed usage statistics.

MobiPark allows you to identify VIP users and expedite their entry and exit procedures. It can also be used to offer discounts to regular users and special clients.

MobiPark can be used in the following modes:

A fixed parking fee tariff is printed and given to the customer when entering the carpark.

The barcode ticket is printed on entry and on exit payment will be made for the parking duration.

On entry, the car is photographed and the licence plate and entry time recorded. On exit, payment is made according to parking duration.

The driver can pay at reception and the car brought to the customer pickup point.

  • Carparks can be run efficiently with no permanent equipment installed
  • System can work in off-line mode for areas with poor mobile network coverage
  • Access to main electricity not needed as system is battery operated
  • Revenue control and usage statistics
  • Can be used for standard carparks as well as valet parking