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Wall Box Smart

The Wall Box Smart has been specially designed for installation in public and private car parks. It features a user interface display, RFID card reader, smart metering and communication capabilities that enable you to connect it to the GreenParking management system.

The Wall Box Smart can be used in both, indoors and outdoors, has a simple sturdy wall-mounted design and is easy to install.

It complies with all current safety standards and can be used to charge both hybrid and pure electric vehicles.

Wall Box Smart, the smart solution to your charging needs!

The Wall Box Smart features the following:

  • Type 1 or type 2 plugs
  • Charge status LED indicator (blue, green or red)
  • Fire resistant ABS casing
  • Up to 21 kW charging power for AC
  • Charging system mode 3
  • LCD display
  • RFID card reading capability
  • Ethernet connection
  • Up to 21 kW charging power AC
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