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Rapid Charger

Our Rapid Charger are some of the most advanced on the market. Designed for recharging hybrid or pure electric vehicles when time is of the essence, our DC charging stations can recharge an electric vehicle up to 80% in only 15 minutes!

Our Rapid Charger can operate under the most arduous of conditions. They are rugged, reliable, safe and above all, easy to use!

The charging systems can be connected to payment and monitoring systems using OCPP 1.5 protocol. This allows them to be integrated into your intelligent GreenParking management system.

They are simple and cheap to install and take up little space. Our chargers are operated using a sophisticated multi-language touchscreen.


  • Extremely rapid charging (80% in 15 minutes)
  • AC and DC vehicles can be charged simultaneously
  • Can charge in mode 4 (DC) and mode 3 (AC)
  • Mode 4 up to 55 kW Mode 3 up to 43 kW
  • Can operate at 65°C and 90% humidity
  • Sturdy zinc –coated steel casing
  • 3 plugs
  • RFID enabled
  • Multi-language user interface display
  • Optional 3G communication
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