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EV Charging

Due to the increasing number of cars on the roads, air pollution is becoming worse and noise more and more of an issue. People want to help the environment but what can they do to combat these problems and retain mobility?

One of the answers is electric vehicles. These are quiet, efficient, environmentally friendly and becoming increasingly popular.

Electric vehicles are the future and charging stations will be needed even more than modern petrol stations due to the short range of these vehicles. Car parks that allow electric vehicles to be charged while parked will satisfy customers as well as protecting the environment!

FutureLink can provide up-to-date EV charging solutions that have been specially designed to be installed in public or private car parks, shopping malls or in private premises. Our electric vehicle charging points can charge single or multiple vehicles quickly and efficiently.


Our products are made to meet or even exceed current vehicle charging standards for all hybrid and pure electrical vehicles on the market at present.

Our EV-Chargers are simple to operate using sophisticated multi-language touch screens. They are robust, quiet in operation, safe and popular with the public.

  • eHome
    Designed to be easily installed in indoor and outdoor private carparks
  • Wall Box Basic
    Designed for domestic use on indoor and outdoor garages
  • Wall Box Smart
    Designed especially for carparks. The Wall Box Smart series provides user interface displays, RFID card readers, smart metering and communication/networking capabilities.
  • Rapid Chargers
    Our rapid chargers can recharge a vehicle up to 80% in 15 minutes