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Fixed Bollards

How can premises be effectively protected without constructing expensive crash-proof walls or fences that can impair the appearance of your property?

Our premium quality fixed bollards provide secure and reliable physical barriers that can control access, protect pedestrian areas and improve the visual qualities of a property as well as stopping illegal parking.

They come in a variety of styles and specification that can be matched to your individual needs.

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A perfect solution for the following client requirements

  • Protecting pedestrian areas
  • Restricting unauthorized access
  • Controlled parking
  • Securing premises
  • Enhancing visual qualities of a property

Our bollards are constructed of zinc-coated cast iron and come with a polyester finish and are produced to the highest European quality standards.

They can be provided in a range of sizes and colours (RAL colour system).

Our team of security experts will of course be glad to advise you on any points you wish clarified.