Long Range Car Identification Systems 

Nowadays, requirements for customer services are getting increasingly higher in order to meet customer needs. Parking operators are continuously trying to improve their customer service in order to attract more customers or justify higher fees. In current off-street parking systems, time is lost trying to find a Parking Card or having to stop in front of barrier and access systems.

Such examples are just a few that lead to the development of long range Car Identification and Access Systems, based on Microwave Technology.

With such a Long Range Car Identification System, FutureLink is proud to being able to offer UAE customers a flexible high-end solution, with the following features:
  • Long Range Reader up to 10 m
  • Reading range can be adjusted to ensure reliable identification.
  • Reader consists of a built-in antenna, switched power supply and various interfaces.
  • Transponder Card can be placed behind the windshield of the car.
  • Quick and easy installation.
The identification lobe of the Reader is a directed beam offering precise determination of the identification area. The Reader efficiently resolves typical multilane entry and exit reader challenges. The Reader operates on a frequency, selected and set at factory. The frequency offset allows multiple readers to operate in the same range.

This Microwave Long Range Reader Solution can be added any time to FutureLink´s existing Parking Management Systems

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