Parking Guidance Systems 

The increasing traffic within city centres, at airports and railway stations in connection with limited numbers of parking spaces resultsin a growing need for more and more efficient management of parking areas. With our Parking Guidance Information system we offer you flexible solutions:
  • Sensor supported Parking Guidance Information for indoor and outdoor sites.
  • Extremely simple interconnection between sensors via bus system.
  • Precise detection of the number of parking cars by process control unit.
  • Visual presentation of free spaces.
  • Time saving direct guidance to the destination via electronically controlled variable message signs.
  • Statistical evaluation of data and connection with your existing management of the park site multi-storey car park.
  • Connection to the public city parking and information systems.
  • Individual adaptation of our systems to your parking site or multi-storey car park.
Your advantages of using the Futurelink Parking Guidance System:
  • our system improves the rate of utilisation in times of peak traffic up to 100%
  • it optimises your turnover
  • it reduces your expenses
  • it offers exact periodical accounts and controls by comparing the turnover expenses with the real time of occupation
  • improves your reputation within your customers, as a company focussing on customer service and providing high-end solutions
Advantages for your customer when using our Parking Guidance System:
  • saves time when looking for a parking space 
  • improves the comfort of parking
  • increases the attractiveness of your car park

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