Local Parking Knowhow 

  • FutureLink is the only company in UAE that sold, installed, services & thus has the experience with 3 different Technologies: Barcode, Parkchip, Magnetic-Stripe.

  • FutureLink is a turnkey supplier for any kind of Parking Project, as it co-operates with respective partners exclusively in all Parking related areas.

  • FL employees have long experience in servicing Parking Equipment in AE and Middle East.

  • We are the only company in the UAE that supplied Banknote-Issuing Units.

  • FutureLink is the only company in UAE (and the Middle East!) that is providing Credit Card Acceptance Facilities to its POF stations.

  • The only company in the UAE that has installations, where 3 different types of tickets are accepted at the same machine (Barcode, Parkchip, Proximity - at Fairmont Hotel, Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai World Trade Centre).

  • We are the company with the largest number of POF´s in one single project in UAE (8 POF´s for Jumeirah Emirates Towers).

  • Some of our employees worked internationally on many License-Plate Recognition (LPR) projects internationally, giving them valuable experience to be used locally with respect to such highly complex parking security camera systems.

  • FutureLink successfully designed a complex Revenue Parking System for Jumeirah International that rewards Shoppers and heavily punishes people that try to misuse the Car Park Facilities.

  • FutureLink was the first company in the UAE to introduce a Parking Management Software completely displayed in Arabic Language.

  • Futurelink was the first local company in UAE to service POF Stations in Dubai (Banyas CP).

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