Scent Library 

Scent effect
Essential Composition
  • No. 1 A creation of orange-lavender, body-balancing and mind-vitalizing
  • No. 2 A warm floal composition of oils made from orange-ylang-ylang and roses. Supports elegant surroundings.
  • No. 3 This composition made of grapefruit-lemon gras promises new power and freshness. Especially created to stimulate alertness and creativity.
  • No. 9 Blood Orange body-balancing and relaxing
  • No. A 2 A fresh health cocktail from arome therapy makes you feel good. It consists of carrott oil, orange oil, basil oil, lemon oil and celery oil.
  • No. A 6 NEW ! Beauty and Care. This composition supports splitting of fat cells and makes you feel relaxed at the same time. Consists of pepper, grapefruit, fennel and tarragon.
  • No. 128 Rosewood harmonizing and vitalizing
  • No. 148 Mediterran stimulating creativity and relaxing
Composition essential / nature-like
  • No. 30 This pure essential scent cocktail has an exotic accent as well as a balancing and stimulating effect due to the harmonization of the atmosphere. Consists of jasmine, tangerine, ylang-ylang, sandle-wood, rosewood.
  • No. 62 This mixture made out of herbs, vegetables and fruits has clear appetizing effect. Consists of: pepper, cucumber, lime and savory.
  • No. 63 An association of a weekly market, lively, fresh, spicy. Contains essential oils. Ingredients: pepper, cucumber, lime and savory.
  • No. 75 Vanille-Orange - This composition makes your room seem warmer and makes you feel relaxed and balanced. Especially suitable for cold winter days. You feel orange and vanilla.
Composition nature-like / synthetic
  • No. 8 A scent which gives you the impression of a basket full of Granny Smith apples.
  • No. 14 This mixture contains the scent of just picked, juicy, ripe strawberries
  • No. 33 A floral summer scent creation smells like freshly-cutted water- and honey melons. Your room receives a summer like and appetizing atmosphere.
  • No. 52 This scent has got the aroma of ripe bananas.
Fantasy perfume oils
  • No. 11 This scent has the aroma of freshly-made coffee.
  • No. 21 It is like a garden full of roses and supports an elegant atmosphere.
  • No. 42 Hyacinthe - This composition resembles a field full of narcissus and other spring flowers.
  • No. 50 A fresh bunch of flowers resembling roses and other spring flowers.
  • No. 51 A bunch of red roses with the scent of white lillies to complete the creation.
  • No. 57 This scent has the aroma of fine chocolate powder.
Smell Extinction
  • No. 58 Smell extinction for the elimination of permanently affected surrounding air. Contains essential oils.
  • No. 59 Like Scent No. 58 but without essential oils.

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