Fragrance Systems 

The Eventmachine < 1000m2

This unique fragrance system made out of robust high-grade steel is conceived for halls or very large rooms (200 – 6000qm). The device is installed very fast and is perfect for using it in exhibition halls, conference - rooms, assembly shops, event-areas (also look for rent systems), for instance. For the short-termed use there is a special, transparent fresh-air-film contained in the delivery whose perforation makes sure, that the fragrance is being kept in the planned area. For permanent assembly, not depending on an already existing fresh-air- plant, it can optionally be delivered with perforated fresh-air-pipes made out of aluminium. Also suitable as a bad-smell-killer.

The Central < 16000m2

Wide-span device for connection to existing fresh air plants/air condition. It evaporates already scented air into the existing fresh-air-pipe. This way only „gaseous“ fragrance-oil (no spraying!) can get into the fresh-air-pipes and scents rooms, houses and large-indoor-areas and floors through the existing air-escapes up to 12000qm. The junction as well as the determination of the scent-concentration must be carried out by one of our trained technicians. Because of the large variety of extra accessory it is possible to connect the device to every fresh-air-pipe/air condition. A complete offer can be made after clarification of the technical and architectural surroundings. The fragrance-consumption of this system is also efficient, ethereal scent compositions possible.

The Invisible < 600m2

A fragrance system useful almost everywhere for roomsizes up to 600qm. The device can be integrated in hunged ceilings, dividing walls or even in furniture, and spreads the diffusing fragrance oils through a high volumestream evenly in the room. Our large amount of extra accessory makes use possible in almost every kind of surrounding. For this reason the device is interesting for every line of business and roomsize. It guarantees a professional – and because of the economical consumption – also cost-saving scenting. For a normal fragrance-intensity a 500gr. fra-grance- oil cartouche lasts for about 700 hours.

The Tower < 600m2

„The Tower“ is a fragrance-system which can be used flexibly in rooms up to 600qm. Customary the device is delivered with a high-grade steel surface. The system works according to the evaporation procedu- re, which is harmless to your health, and is very economi- cal with the ethereal scent compositions. 500gr. scented oil usually lasts for about 90 fragrance- days. Just purchasing two systems (with the same surface) gives you the opportunity to choose a surface matching the already existing fitting design. A selection of up to 70 different designs is available.

The Medium < 150m2

A maintenance-free fragrance-system for fragranting rooms of up to 150qm. The standard system is delivered with a brushed high-grade steel-cover and evaporates gel-fragrance com- postions. The fragrance-cartouche lasts for about 700 hours and can easily be exchanged.

The Track < 50m2

This very compact system is extremly easy to install. It was created to serve as a practical and yet very efficient tool to fragrance small individual rooms such as a bath room, a boat cabin etc, pp.Once installed and fitted with a cartouche, the Track diffuses the chosen scent into its surroundings. A single cartouche will last for approximately 700 hours.

The Cube < 40m2

This high-quality handcrafted design-object, made from massiv wood and high-grade steel, is designed to perfectly spread fragrances in rooms up to 40qm. "The cube" evaporates the sensitive ethereal oils via gently implied warmth very efficient and without leaving a trace. For "The Cube" we offer a set of ethereal compositions especially designed for room fragrancing. In addition to our special assortment of ethereal oils, all other customary oils, suitable for room-fragrancy, can be utilized.

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