Odour Absorption 

Hotels would like to eliminate e.g. the typical "hotel odour". In offices and conference rooms the smell of tobacco and sweat after exhausting meetings and talks may not get into cushions, curtains or wallpapers. Gastronomy would like to avoid the smell of kitchen odours of the day before. in furnishing houses it ought not to smell like paint. in the clothing department not smell like in a factory.

SINODEEN absorbes and eliminates undesirered odours. It is added to the air stream, eventually sucks up all gaseous toxic molecules and fixes them permanently. After the cage molecules have taken up their bad smelling freight, the air stream carries them away and they are distributed in the peripherals. Wherever they come down they are naturally destroyed by bacteria. A clean solution which differs from common methods of odour absorption or extinction.

Scents may not only increase the subjectively perceived air quality. Scents may have a comforting effect. In open plant offices one applies scents which increase concentration whereas in wellness centers and hotels appropriate scents may cause an increase in vitality and excitement.

FutureLink makes it possible.

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