Scent Marketing 

30 Million smell cells enable each human being to distinguish about 10.000 odours. That is why the olfactory sense is the most sensitive sense and the only one which one cannot manipulate reflectively. Using plug-in systems developed by FutureLink you have the chance to influence odours as well as their effects.

Whether at an event, or an exhibition stand or during a presentation of goods, additionally to the creation of visual and auditive adventurous worlds the application of scent highlights you and your products.

The highly sensitive olfactory nerve registers fragrances and influences directly the emotional regions of the brain.

Their effects are:
  • creating attention and memories
  • enabling quick associations
  • fluencing emotions
  • evoking the human stimulus for curiosity
And they can do more than that. Scents are able to emphasize colorful tonalities, signal warmth and cold or just make one feel good. The right fragrance is an effective instrument for the creation of atmosphere and adventurous worlds.

No matter in which area of business you are in, despite all technological innovations, market research or communication concepts, the following is still valid: The client is king !
Scents do not only make your products or services shine but offer your clients a surrounding which influences their well-being in a positive way.

We offer you the chance to take advantage of these effects for conducting successful Scent Marketing.

Ask our Scent Marketing experts for further information about scents. They will analyze your individual needs and advise you with selecting the right fragrances.

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