Intelligent People counters 

  • Elegant designs match every store environment
  • Robust, high quality aluminium traffic counters
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Bright LCD display - can be turned on or off for viewing
  • Easy to mount
  • Pedestals can be placed up to 10m apart
  • Wide entrance/exit areas can be covered by several counters if necessary
  • Counters are protected against sabotage. System alarms, when the connection between the counters is blocked for over 2 minutes.
  • Both the coloumn and the capsule counters are available or with without communication package
Klick here for more informations about the system architecture.

Battery driven people counter A simple and cost effective way to count people entering your store.
  • Single directional.
  • Maximum distance to cover: 5m
  • Powered by a 9V battery.
  • Easy to mount to almost any surface with a double sided sticker.

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