One of the new generation of ShopGuard designs, the OPALGuard is a unique design in a modern style but with a robust and durable ability. The solid panel design provides a child friendly aspect, with the added advantage of an integrated and effective colour coordination/decoration or advertising option. Also available with transparent insert for checkout environment.

  • Manufactured in tough ABS plastics the OPALGuard combines strength with performance by utilising the latest intelligent DSP (Digital Signal Processing) electronics and wireless metal frame arial.
  • The systems self-tuning capability tests the environment and adapts to cope with externally electrical noise which could cause false alarms.
  • With its patented comparative tag signal recognition software the OPALGuard system provides a high level of operation reliability, making it much less prone to the outside disturbances that its historical predecessors suffered.
  • As one of the latest generation of ShopGuard systems, the OPALGuard provides the best of practical ability and durability which makes it ideal for all applications and outlets which demand such standards.
Other technical features and benefits include:
  • Integrated remote alarm facility
  • Shopping trolley recognition and screening feature
  • CCTV alarm interface module
  • Material: ABS plastics/metal?
  • Height: 1,66 m (Grand: 1,69 m)
  • Width: 0,38 m (Grand: 0,5 m)
  • Breadth: 0,1 m
  • Weight: 7,3 kg (Grand: 8 kg)
  • Operation frequency: 8,2 - 10 MHz
  • Mains voltage
    220-240 VAC/50 Hz (EU) 110-120 VAC/60 Hz (US/CAN)

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