Slim DIAMONDGuard 

Following the success of ShopGuard DIAMONDGuard system, the ShopGuard design house have now taken it's success to a new dimension, with the introduction of Slim DIAMONDGuard. Manufactured in toughened polished security glass and chrome with a unique encapsulated arial, the Slim DIAMONDGuard offers the ultimate solution in compact designer elegance.
  • The systems self-tuning capability tests the environment and adapts to cope with externally electrical noise which could cause false alarms.
  • With its patented comparative tag signal recognition software the Slim DIAMONDGuard system provides a high level of operation reliability, making it much less prone to the outside disturbances that its historical predecessors suffered.
  • As one of the latest generation of ShopGuard systems, the Slim DIAMONDGuard provides a unique product which is suitable for all applications from a single unit installation, to large multiple aisle designs of over a hundred antennas.
Other technical features and benefits include:
  • Foil bag and metal screening detection
  • Integrated remote alarm facility
  • Shopping trolley recognition and screening feature
  • CCTV alarm interface module
  • Material: Security glass/metal
  • Height: 1,56 m
  • Width: 0,203 m
  • Breadth: 0,12 m
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Mains voltage:
    220-240 VAC/50 Hz (EU)
    110-120 VAC/60 Hz (US/CAN)

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