Smart Access Terminal 

The Smart Access Terminal is compatible with card readers for barcode tickets as well as RFID chip cards. A Ticket scanner reads tickets of any media format irrespective of barcode position. In particular, this reader type is also suited for 'home-printed' tickets.

The slim, ergonomically-designed guide body is made of stainless steel and can be configured as either a single or double lane turnstile. The individual lanes can be operated with controlled entry and free exit or controlled entry and exit. In the case of power failure the turnstile arms default to 'fail-safe' or free rotation mode.

All electronic components for card validation, data storage, and turnstile control are integrated into the Smart Access Terminal. Communication to the host is via LAN.

Flat smooth surfaces and the two-arm turnstile ensure easy passage with bags or luggage. The compact design of the Smart Access Terminal saves floor space and makes installation and wiring easy. The lateral card readers are highly user-friendly and optical signaling facilitates the increase in throughput of users. Monitoring displays for security personnel can also be integrated.

  • Dual ISO 15693 & ISO 14443 smart card reader
  • Omni-directional laser scanner for barcode tickets
  • Two-sided barcode reading
  • Back lighted LCD
  • Integrated Controller, online card validation or autonomous Operation
  • TCP/IP networking
  • Signal lights (red/green/yellow) and acoustic signal
  • Servotronic turnstile an either the left or the right, or an both sides
  • Barcode CCD line scanner (optional, infrared and red-light)
  • Collapsible panic gate arms (Option)
  • Body from stainless steel
  • Modular design of electronics for convenient servicing

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